Daysha Devine's Top Things to Do with Your Boo in the Spring/Summer

As Spring comes in bringing sunshiny days, no jacket weather and you feel that urge to get out of the house and get a refreshing breath of fresh air, consider the following as idea of things to do with your boo on a beautiful day or warm evening....

*Picnic at Loose Park
Bring a blanket, your radio, some snacks and sit and enjoy each others company

*Cool Crest or your local arcade
Your never too old to play golf and video games! Not only is it fun but a little healthy competition never hurt

*Starbucks Stop
If you an your boo like a little latte in your life, stop at Starbucks and get some drinks and take a stroll around the Plaza

*Ice Cream Treats
It's not only a good way to cool off on a hot day but a scrumptious treat.

*History 101
Cool off at your local Museum, while brushing up on your history and art appreciation with your love

*Date Night
Pretend like it's your first date, take your babe to the movies or out to dinner...maybe both :)

I don't know about you, but I like sports! See if your love would like to go shoot around out on the Basketball court or perhaps a game of Tennis?

*Billiards for Two
A good game of Pool can also spark some healthy competition. Are you game?

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