First Fridays

After having to go back home, change clothes , due to a strick dress code of no jeans, a $15 admission fee because I had to go back home and change clothes when I could have gotten in for $5 because I was there after 10:30 pm;a watered down drink and standing in line for 20 minutes for the $7 drink, whew! I was tired before I had even gotten to enjoy myself. Maybe I’m a cheap skate, but partying in Kansas City has become quite costly.
On Friday night, I decided to venture over to the Overland Park Marriott for what they call "First Fridays". My friends had gone a couple of times and told me how fun it was so I decided to give it a whirl.
Me & my friend were supposed to go together, but when I found out about the "no jeans" I called her immediately guessing she had worn the same thing as I, a nice blouse some jeans and pumps. Knowing that she lives out in Bonner Springs, KS, going up the street to change like I was not an option for her so I ended up going this one alone, which isn’t my preference but hey whatever.
So after standing in line having my ID checked by a guy in a two piece suite , I proceeded through were I paid $15 to enter into the ballroom. Approaching the table I saw the sign notifying, ladies in before 10:30pm. If I wouldn't have had to go home and change I could have got in for $5. I quickly got passed that since I was there now and couldn't turn back the clock.
Upon entering, I noticed immediately the bar to my left. While squeezing through the crowd of people found the end of line which was too lengthy. After about three songs and noticing there was only one bar on this end of the room and one bar tender, I stood in line to get a drink assuming surely since I paid $15.00 to get in the door, drinks would be cheaper, but I was wrong.
The DJ was spinning all of the latest songs ,but no one started dancing until they played, "I’m So Hood" by DJ Khalid. Observing the large crowded room, off to the side I saw a few familiar faces I knew from high school and some from college.
Overall this event was alright. If you’re just looking for some where other than the club to go on the first friday of the month and drink it’s an alright spot.However, for this event to be in a ballroom at a hotel the price was a bit a high, regardless. I did however appreciated the strict dress code no hoodies no jeans, for females or males which is a standard at DJ Exec events. It was good to see familiar faces I hadn't seen in forever and all the young men looking debonair in their button down shirts and suites. The night ended drama free at 1am.

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