Hip Hop Trendsetter not Follower

Many claim it, but fail to actually follow through. But being a conventional artist, he is not. If you’re looking for an artist who has creativity, style and lyrical ability Craig is the rapper you seek. Craig Smith aka Adoless, Kansas City native rapper brings to the KC Hip Hop scene a genuine refreshing look at Hip Hop and life.

At 20 years old, this rappers consistent flows, style and creativity are tough to categorize. His charismatic, humorous yet sometimes cocky personality is reflected in his music, but his modesty about his artistry is shocking. When you converse with him you would think he would have the same low, some times hype voice you hear over his bass hitting tracks. At almost 6’ft 5 his tall frame has a voice and swagger to match. He can’t be categorized per se as an amateur either. He’s performed in Kansas City for multiple venues like The Municipal Auditorium, in New Jersey and in New York City just to name a few .

After a total of eight mixtapes, two music videos that can be viewed on YouTube, his catchy choruses and ad libs make you wonder why he is isn’t on the radio and getting spins from DJ’s at the clubs yet. On his mixtapes you can find songs starting out with a song you can just ride like, “Ride Solo” on which he proclaims, “I’m not a trend follower homie, I do me.” On the other end of the spectrum he has made club tracks such as “Show ya”, a bouncy track that you can rock to. He produces his own songs, raps, and writes all of his own material, and does it all and with such ease. His latest mixtape entitled “Anomaly” is the perfect noun to describe this artist’s style. It is apparent that not only is doing music this artists talent, it’s his true passion. While numerous mainstream rap artists today choose to follow trends rather than truth, Craig raps about what he knows best. Whether it’s reppin’ ‘his’ city or speaking on the pressures of life he chooses to do what’s natural, which is be him.

In the 8th grade while living in California, he revealed his talent for rapping while free styling for a few friends. “My first rap I ever wrote was called Christmas in the Ghetto”, Craig recalls. Later when he moved back to the Kansas City area and started attending Raytown South High School he became a member of a local rap crew
The Renegades. Craig said one of his best friends introduced him to the group, which was composed of Wakil, Young Storm, Royal Boy skateboarders and the schools most talented lyricists and producers.

His spirit for lyrics and creativity could be compared to Lupe Fiasco or Kanye West. Smith’s strong punch lines, catchy choruses and how he tells a story in his songs are comparable to the artists, but labels aren’t Craig’s forte. “I believe you can’t label me, because I am so many things”, he says. When asked if he would compare himself to Lupe or Kanye he answered a confident yes. “I like the way Lupe tells stories and the way that Kanye raps about the things on his mind. He is always him. He also likes to play around on the track like me”.
He admits he is heavily influenced musically by Talib Kweli, Little Brother, Lupe and famous rapper/former CEO and businessman Jay-Z. On the first two tracks on “Anomaly” he samples beats from Jay-Z. “Jay-Z is the epitome of ultimate success in Hip Hop.”, Craig said. He has the perfect Hip Hop story, coming from something to nothing. Like anybody else he does want the “flyer” things in life, Craig is very serious about his craft and isn’t in it just for the glory or money.

At the end of next month he will be finished with his ninth project titled “Dream Transistor”. He boasts, “there won’t be any sampled tracks on this album.” Many may ask what does this rapper have that’s different from the other rappers out there? A better question to ask is what doesn’t he do that isn’t different? Either way it goes, Craig is devoted to Hip Hop. He tells me in a very wise tone, his motivation to keep going through it all is not his competition, but life its self. “You only get one life to live.” Regardless, I’m gonna do what comes natural and whatever I do, whether it’s being a tax consultant or rapping I’ma be the best at it.

Get a taste of Craig’s music and style at http://www.myspace.com/iamcraigsmith

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