Ironic or Coincidence

How ironic is life? Sometimes I wonder when things happen in life, are they just coincidence or fate? Today while at a stoplight, I glanced up and to my surprise saw an "ex" of mine walking across the street by himself, talking on the phone. It struck me as not only odd, but ironic. I had just been talking to my friend a couple of weeks ago about what I would ever do if I ran into him again. And why the heck was he walking? Did he run out of gas, did he not have a car? Why was he carrying so many bags?
This particular relationship unfortunately ended on bad terms and I had only seen him once in a three-year span, which was at a party. I had also started writing an article about that particular relationship the night before (Read the blog post coming soon titled "Don't Look for Love, Let Love Find You). I have been with my fiancé when we have ran into a few of his ex's in town and it's never been really awkward, but usually does spark curiosity in me about what went wrong in the relationship.
Was it that God wanted to reveal to me my ex's situation? Was it that I was subliminally thinking about how he was doing and where he was since I hadn't seen him in almost three years? I'm still not sure, but it is interesting how someone you may have loved so strong and deep at that time you can now have no sentiment toward. You don't remember what their kiss felt like or their hugs, the seemingly important fights that you went through you can't even recall what they were about.
It mystified me at first glance to see him, but when I reflected about all I had experienced both good and bad, in that relationship I felt blessed. It sounds so odd to say so, but I do. For if it weren't for the storms that I went through at that time and all the turmoil and unnecessary sh*t, I don't think I would be where I am spiritually and emotionally now. It took me awhile, but if I ever do see him face to face again, I will tell him thank you.

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  1. Girl, I am so feeling you on this. Sometimes, I wonder if we can "conjure" people up when we speak of them and think of them...My pastor preached a sermon "I needed that" on Sunday...speaking of our tough times and how they enable us to appreciate and sometimes identify our blessings.