"Superwoman" Live in Kansas City

Two words style and grace. Last night Grammy Award winning Alicia Keys sang her heart out in front of a crowd of about 10,000 in at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO. Her graceful yet soulful tunes have been number one on the charts since day one. She performed her heart out for nearly an hour and a half running through not just her singles and songs from her new album, but revisiting songs like “Butterflies” from her debut album “Song in A Minor”.

The show opened with a mini movie of a gospel choir singing in church and Cedric the Entertainer as the presiding pastor delivering words of wisdom to Alicia who was in the pews listening attentively. The stage opened up with fog and Ms. Keys made her entrance singing one her fewer known songs “Ghetto Story.” She was dressed in a silver form fitting top and silver form fitting pants to match with six-inch sparkling platform shoes.

The crowd went wild when she brought out her piano from inside the set that gave the impression of being somewhat like a space ship with sliding doors. She ran through a remixed version of “How Come You Don’t Call Me” a Prince original songs were she interacted with the crowd making questioning facial expressions. A favorite however was “Diary” a beautiful piano ballad in which she belted out with back up singer “I won’t tell, your secrets, your secrets are safe with meeee”. But she didn’t just stop there with her older hits she also mixed in songs from her new album “As I Am” like Teenage Love Affair”, which most of the younger girls in the crowd went crazy for and women could relate to.
Earlier last week she on Thursday she had to cancel a show in Cleveland, OH due to swollen vocal chords but there was no sign of strain by the way she hit every note and with ease.

Wardrobe changes were at a minimum and the only changing of the outfits was to a silver tasseled shirt to match her backup singers dresses, which were reminiscent of early Tina Turner. Aside from sound issues at the Sprint Center, the drowned out echo being too loud this was a phenomenal performance. For Ms. Key’s finale she performed “No One”, performing in a elegant black outfit on a white rotating grand piano that elevated up and out of the end of the main stage.

Even more stunning in person Alicia Keys is sure to be on the scene for a long time. She has tour dates throughout July and is even venturing over to England. She is definitely a must see in concert at least once in your lifetime.


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