Self Expression, My Art Form

I always hear about how some writers have trouble coming up with things to write about, but I guess my problem is sort of reversed. Different topics and subjects just come to me all throughout the day. Now, I understand what Jay-Z was referring to when he said the “The Gift and the Curse”.
Often these thoughts or ideas I have clutter my mind and spew out like a volcano or a shaken can of pop and end up in my notebooks. When I write I feel my freest. I love it!!!
It is the ultimate form of self expression for me. The biggest challenge I have is organizing those ideas, thoughts and blurbs into a certain form. One article, one poem, one blog, or journal entry never seems to be enough. It makes me feel as if I should be able to do this, organizing my thoughts and all, since I am a writer. I know I will need to develop my craft and skill as there are always things to learn, because you never stop learning. However, I do feel that my overall obstacle I have already overcome. Getting over the fear of sharing with others, and on a larger scale the world.

Please keep the comments coming! Thanks for your support!!!!

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  1. i feel u sister, we more alike in a laot of ways when it comes to writing