Storm Panic

Violent storms hit all over the Kansas City Area and destroyed many homes and businesses leaving many puzzled. I was rudely awakened at 1:49am this morning by the howling winds hitting my bedroom window and the sound of things being tossed about on the balcony upstairs and the chair on my own balcony. I panicked thinking “Oh my god the sirens didn’t go off.” It was raining so heavily outside and the winds were so heavy I could barely see what was going on and opening the window was obviously not an option.

Disoriented and half sleep, I popped up in the bed, heart racing and scrambled for the remote to turn on my TV. The weatherman was on telling of severe storms, but no tornado. As the winds started screaming louder through my apartment I admit I got scared and ducked into the closet and immediately called my fiancé. As I sat in the dark closet I was barely able to get out my words to explain what was happening to him. As the winds finally died down, he helped me to focus and get my self together. I quickly shuffled around the house searching for candles and flashlights so in the event the electricity went out I would be prepared.

What are you supposed to do in the event of a powerful storm or a Tornado? As I sit and recollect now, I remember the tornadoes drills in elementary school, but that wouldn’t have helped because I panicked and couldn’t think straight.

What about those of us who are by themselves and have to think fast in the event of an emergency? Luckily my apartment has a underground garage, but what about those who don’t? Next time I am going to be prepared when a storm is on the way. Investing in an emergency kit or making one of my own wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Gathering up all my candles, having clothes ready, leaving the TV on next time and getting a weather radio might not be a bad idea. I learned my lesson. It’s so important to be prepared when you only have minutes to get to safety.

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