Summer Begins

The beginning of summer and summer is such an exciting time for me. Relatives and love one’s you’ve know since they were little now graduate, kids faces light up and their spirits lift off of the mere thought of the “last day of school” for the year and for some, for good. Late spring means a new life and new experiences for high school grads that will next year be venturing off to their prospective colleges. Or for those college grads it means entering the so-called “Real World”. Then for the younger one’s some are just glad to be graduating on to middle school or high school, a new phase in life. Growing up.

About 10 years ago, summer breaks meant no more homework and no more having to wake up at the crack of dawn to catch the bus to go to school. I reminisce on the days when summer breaks meant summer “fun” programs, watching TV all day, talking on the phone, camps and playing with friends until it got dark outside.

Another cool part of my summers I remember, I loved summers at my Grandma’s because we could sit out on her patio and listen to the Concerts and Plays going on a Starlight Theatre.

Although grown now, and summer break really doesn’t exist for me at my age, I plan to make the most of my summer. Maybe by going to out and getting my favorite treat on a hot summer night. By the way Bubblegum Ice cream is the best! Going out to kick it weekly with friends again at my favorite spot in Westport might not be a bad idea either.

One things for sure even though I don’t get a designated “break” anymore I am definitely going to make the best out of this Summer.

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  1. your post remind me of two songs
    Hot fun in the summertme - sly stone

    Summerbreeze - Isley brothers

    glad u bk writing