It Shouldn't Have to Be This Way

Do you think twice before going out your front door? Seriously, most of us don’t. Most weekends, especially since it’s warm, I’m out. I’ve been to two concerts, the club and other local hangouts this summer. It seems that when you may try to go out, some how 1 out of 3 times violence has to irrupt and has ended me and my friends night many a time. It had gotten better in the city, or so I thought.

In middle school it was at one of our many Friday after school parties that they used to have in our school cafeteria were I witnessed my first violent fight. Two girls got into the most violent fight I had seen in all my 13 years in life. They were literally clawing at each other like cats and pulling hair like crazy. That was the first time I had witnessed a fight were people actually started bleeding.

All throughout high school I witnessed fights occur at the south Kansas City suburban high school I attended. My freshman year of high school was the first time I heard someone shoot a gun at a fight, then in college it was the same deal. At a party I was at,a guy attempted to break up a fight, ended up getting shot and paralyzed for life.

Violence at events, parties, concerts or clubs is just something that happens more often than not it seems, and it’s no longer according to the venue it’s at. Frequently it’s been happening close to home and not just in designated areas you would think it would happen. In 2006, two young men about my age got shot and killed at a party as bystanders and last night the same thing happened to my sisters long time friend and 5 others got hit and badly injured.

Having to think twice before going out to your local club, bar or anywhere is annoying, sad and unfortunate especially for those just looking to go kick it and have fun, but it’s a sad reality.

I fear for my younger cousins and children, when they get of age to be able to go out. If it’s that bad now, what will it be like then?


  1. i dont know whats up with folk nowadays babe

  2. It's really quite sad how things have changed these days. People should be able to go out and enjoy themselves but that reality is slowly slipping away and I hope something is done before its too late.

    BTW - thanks for stopping by my spot!

  3. You ain't never lying, it's too crazy in these streets. All we can do as young adults is to teach and hope are younger siblings pay attention to what we are putting in their ear, not their classmates who don't care about their well being.