So Fresh And So Cool

His face length dreds neatly done, hanging beside his face. His jeans and t-shirt fitting his always skateboarder-esk, but unique style that you see in the pictures on his myspace page. Toting his backpack along, he was minus his signature Run DMC 80’s style fat gold rope chain. Fresh and stylish. He can’t be thrown into the category of just a local artist obviously, because he’s already taken his talent to the next level.

Spend some time with Wakil, and you see that he really is cool. At a coffee shop in the heart of the city, I sat down with the talented KC native who is about to take the music industry to a whole different level. On a sunny after noon, I met with Wakil (pronounced Wa-kil), a talented young man with a humble demeanor. When I sat down with this rapper/producer/song writer, his laid back personality struck me at first. This wasn’t the hype rapper, with the swagger of T.I, I had seen on stage last weekend, was it? Last Friday Wakil performed live in Kansas City, Missouri and his stage presence was simply energetic.

If they were more creative artists in the world like him, it would be a better place. Chief Wakil better known to most as just Wakil, has definitely made strides for himself at his young age he’s already got a production deal and is signed for a recording deal with producer,composer, performer extraordinaire Brian Kennedy’s label Prolifik.

Futuristic Producer in the Making

Since 2007, he’s been moving in the fast lane, but by his humble presence you wouldn’t know that he’s been on the move working with major recording artists and stars like Nelly, Brian Kennedy and Jazzy Pha.

“There just normal people”, said Wakil when asked how it feels to work with stars.
It’s exciting, but sometimes you do get a little nervous. He laughed when he recalled the first time he met Nelly at the studio.

“Meeting Brian Kennedy was only by coincidence,” Wakil stated on how he met the producer/pianist. It was a coincidence that turned into a friendship in 2007 and now a business relationship. Now 20-year-old Mansa Wakili was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri is hustling back and forth between his home in Missouri and California every few weeks. Even though his passion is for both producing and rapping. His producer side is in heavy demand these days.

Back In The Day

He began writing songs at 7 or 8 and started producing in middle school making beats on the infamous computer program Fruity Loops. “My brother bought me my first key board.”,Wakil said. He used to rap and go on and on, and then he would be like ok your turn, he made me rap. My sister and mother was an influence as well. My sister used to listen to alternative type music and pop radio stations and my mom listened to soul music.

His early music career started out with him making beats and rhyming with a group called the “Renegades” which consisted of three group members Craig, Greg and himself. He explained that the group didn’t break up because of conflict but rather because everyone ventured off to work on their own separate projects.

He had been producing for others before the stars of coarse, including his mixtape mini series Coming To America Pt. 1 and Pt.2.

KC Stand Up

Wakil has a different sound from his high school days, when he used to rap over mix tape beats and collaborate with friends. His newest song “I’m So Cool” is getting national attention and already has YouTube videos of kids dancing to his song.
“Did I tell you about the hidden meaning of the song?”, Wakil says in an exciting tone. The meaning behind “I’m So Cool”, is whatever you do, be your self." If you’re a nerd, be a nerd but by you being yourself you’re cool. Just be you. “I’m So Cool”, the title of song may sound like MIMS “This is why I’m hot” but it’s totally different. I’m so Cool has a fresh sound to it, with its bouncy beat and kick drums it is no wonder the song is all over the internet.

Other new tracks showcase his hot tracks, catchy choruses, truthful verses and liquid flows are amazing. Many of his beats follow the futuristic sound trend of Techno heavy synthesizer beats. He draws heavy influences from Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Quincy Jones, Timbaland, and Dr. Dre he says. He even made his own version of Kanye West’s hit “Flashing Lights” in which he is featured on with Colin Muroe.

Wakil has definitely proving that different means something new and fresh, something with a” twist”, as he put it. He has a swagger about him self and his music that is magnetic. Apparently his thousands of fans think the same. He now not only has fans in the US but also in the UK, Norway, Canada and Australia. Aside from the Internet buzz that he’s creating from his songs on his myspace page and YouTube videos. He also ran upon a Q&A on Yahoo with some looking for his lyrics to his song.

Expect to check out the back of a CD soon and see this young producers name on the producing songs on one of your favorite artist soon. Also be sure to look for a project from Wakil of his own in 2009. “Right now, I’ve been so busy working on everyone else’s stuff I haven’t really had time to work on mine, but it’s coming.” He’s releasing his single this summer so be on the look out. As Wakil put it best in one of his new songs “While everyone tryin to catch up, KC stand up.”

Check out Wakil’s tracks and more at http://www.myspace.com/chiefwakil


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    Hey Daysha i have been reading your articles for a while now, you are really growing fast as a writer especially this article and brian kennedy's. keep it coming.

  2. Nice write up...Wakil told me good things about you, I'm a believe! Hope we give you lot's more reasons to write about what's going on at TeamBK, thanks agian!