Travel Cravings

KC is boring in the summer, period. My head is going to explode if I don’t get out of this city soon. There is only so much you can do, so much you can see after you’ve lived one place your whole life. Sure there’s new attractions opening in the city, but the club scene can get kinda old after awhile. I love to travel! To me it’s about the best thing next to writing. Summer is the perfect season to explore and experience and hopefully this Summer I will get to do just that.

My latest adventure was to ATL, Geo-jah. I kicked when I went there and can’t wait to go back. I rode the subway for the first time, ate some sho nuff good soul food and chilled on the campus of Morehouse. That was over two years ago and I’m itchin’ to go on another trip that doesn’t consist of a visit in the states of Missouri or Kansas. My last trip was spring break ’06 when my best friend and me decided to venture down south. Come to think of it I’m not sure why we chose that spot, other than Florida was a bit out of our budgets and we had both never been there before. I also had friends who went to school at Spellman & Morehouse Colleges and I thought this would be a good time to pay them a visit.

On our week vacation we visited just about every tourist attraction I think the city had to offer. My favorite though was the food! I couldn’t get over how everywhere we went the food tasted so good! My highlight of the trip was just the whole experience. At the end of the trip I was so glad that we had came there to spend our break. The black college experience, southern hospitality, the food, the people, the style, the shopping, the city was incredible! It took me back to high school when I got to travel a lot in band. Getting to experience different cities, different styles and a different atmosphere….mmmmmm there is nothing like it!

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  1. u and the future hubby should come to the atl, or leave the country - my 2 cents