Hopeless. Yet Faithful

On my quest to find something called a job I have encountered many obstacles. I can’t afford to give up but I’d sure like to. I’ve been searching for about a month and a half now with several interviews but nothing ever comes of them. Let me take a moment to vent..

I’m an educated sister who’s had jobs since I was 15. This last one, my first job out of college, turned out to not be for me, to put it in the best way. Now I’ve been left to compete in an endless pile of resumes on someone’s desk, leaving me in a pool of millions these days looking for employment. I have excellent customer service skill, I’m professional and when it comes to writing or marketing, I’m your girl. It’s beyond me why I’m having so much trouble, I mean I interview well, or so I’ve been told. I’m beginning to to wonder …. Will I ever find anything? I know people have said the job market is tight right now due to the economy mess but damn….A sistas gotta live.

If I could I’d launch my business today I would. Since I’m still in the building process that’s not possible.

Suggestions anyone? Does anyone feel me out there? If you’ve been or are in the same rut what have you done to get out of it?

P.S. I apologize to my weekly readers…I was a little depressed last week with this job search thing, and took a brief hiatus from my blogging and writing biz. Thanks for sticking with me tho!


  1. The economy is wrecked. I have a good friend who has done a great job for his company, but because they are laying off and letting go of so many, they are trying fire whoever they can so they can avoid the severance packages. It's really a tough time to be unemployed... Dig in your heals (which you are clearly doing) and work your connections. Go back to school... use this time to advance yourself and get even more qualified for positions... Consider getting certified to teach or a field that may require less formalized training... and most importantly, try to stay up, beautiful...

  2. u know what i say u should
    a recession is the best time

  3. A lot of people are going through this Daysha..don't give up...I'll be praying for you. Like I told Zack, who is going through the same thing..You have to be willing to do what you have to do to put money in your pocket until you get the job you want. I call it "Meanwhile" money. I sold Ladies shoes, Cut meat in a deli, scooped Ice Cream, cleaned buildings and some other jobs I can't even remember...just so I could pay my student loans after I
    graduated from college. Beleive me I feel you..I feel for all of you folks coming out of college to nothing. Don't let it get you too down and about what I said as far as "meanwhile money' Let's stop short of being a stripper...Don't do that (lololol) but don't write off working in retail or other jobs
    until the big one comes along.

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  5. My advice is NOT to give up. Starting out it seems that it's never gonna happen, believe me, we have all been through it. Fresh out of college McDonalds wouldn't even hire me, either i was overqualified or underqualified. What i did do was take a temp position. This helped me to break into the working world, and then things got better, little bit by little bit. I even went as far as waitressing to pay the bills, but i never gave up my dream of having a job in my field. It would take another year before i would realize that dream, so i say all this to say...don't give up, it will happen.

    ps. look into some Fed govt jobs too, great benefits and a steady career.

  6. yea... you just gotta stay up... trying to find a job is hell... trust me, ive been excatly where you are, but yea, something will come up.