How Come You Don't Call Me....

I never quite understood it, but just rationalized it as guys being very very immature or just pure jack a**es. Sometimes I found out the hard way that it was both. In college, I had my bulls*it detector on 24/7, but somehow I always seem to attract the guys who thought I wasn't hip to the game they was runnin' because I was considered the "quiet" girl on campus. Little did they know, I just wanted to see what stupid move they were going to make next. :)

In many of the relationships I was in, and out of I had one huge trend among the guys I really liked. They rarely called back when they said they would. "I'll call you right back", he says. Unfortunately, this usually translated into I'll call you back like a day from now or maybe sometime this week. For some reason this pi*sed me off to no end. And it wasn't just an occasional thing it was consistently. I'm not a woman of many words but when someone says they'll call back that's what I used to assume. With most, I had good relationships with and I would think things were going really well. Then I find myself hearing that Alicia Keys song, "How come you don't call me anymore".

Now most of my friends thought I was nuts. I had this habit of checking my phone making sure that no one had called or text me while my phone was on silent or vibrate in class. Even if the ringer was on I thought some how my phone might have miraculously called and I missed a call. I was so pathetic!

Has anyone ever been through this???


  1. Time and time again lady...i take a person by their word, so if you say you are gonna call me...then that is what i expect. I realize that there is so much game playing going on...an i hate it, but realize in order to get what i want...i might just have to stay in it.

  2. I was reaching for the phone to call you when you called me.


    I got to admit, I got a bad habit of doing that. Charge it to my head not to my heart. Well, most times anyway. Sometimes I don't feel like talking and just want to get off the phone but not hurt any feelings in doing so. I can't say, "I will call you back whenever" or can I ?

    Appreciate you coming thru.

  3. Man, why don't we call when we say we will? I am guilty of this at times. Time. Usually, it is not on my side. And I say I am going to call, but I lose sense of time; I do call, eventually though. And if it is a girl I am interested in, I call sooner rather than later. But if I am not that interested... well, I try to at least text... (scratching fleas as I type).

  4. Thanks mizrepresent, sauce and zack for your comments!

  5. ive been through it and have done it too... sometimes it really does slip your mind, but i can understand.

  6. wanna hear immature
    my child mom, calls me, and when i start to talk she hangs up in my face lol

  7. Here's something funny..I told a
    young lady I was dating that I would call her "tomorrow" and I actually did. She told her girlfriends that I was "moving a little too fast for her." She was used to guys either not calling or calling two or three days later. She started treating me as though I was a stalker. So when I met girls in the future,I stopped short
    of telling them when I was going to call. I might call them the next day (never did that again) or it might be a week from when I dated them.
    I guess it depends on the person and what they want.

  8. Yes I cant stand this! I have gone through it time and time again and it annoys the shit out of me...I think it speaks of a mans reliability and honesty when he does that shit continuously and how about when they do call they act like everything is alright instead of giving a reason as to why you havent heard from them in weeks!...I am too through...Im glad im single dont need that stress

  9. Oh and thanks for stopping by the blog!

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  11. Sweetheart I do the same thing. My phone is like my life. It's sad, but I'm always on it and looking down at it to make sure that no one has called. I have to stay connected. I feel you sister.LOL

  12. I have found that VERY FEW men will call you back when they say. It's in their DNA.

  13. Girls don't give me their real numbers, so I've never had this problem. :)

    But Daysha, there's more to you than meets the eye- and guys know that. They play like they don't think you hip to the game, but like Shawty Lo say: "Dey Know, Dey Know".

    Plus, they might be intimidated by your intellect. I dunno. I'm just guessing stuff here.

    Good post.

  14. Ok, I thought I was being too sensitive 'cause when a dude would say "I'll call you back in 3o minutes" and didn't do it, I would write him off as one of those "no-good, lying, selfish, game-playing motherfuckers" and never talk to them again (as a result of being played so many times). But it's good to know I'm not alone (read=not crazy). Seriously though, it shows consideration and respect when a man keeps his word. Even something as little as a return phone call. I refuse to settle for less.

  15. I used to go through this type of thing all the time. So I found other things to do and other people to talk to. In fact, I was so preoccupied that whenever people that told me that they were going to call me did decide to call (days later) I was too busy for them.
    I stopped being so available.