CHANGE 'Gon Come

Simply Awesome!!!I don’t know how else to describe the Obama’s! I watched Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC this week and Barack’s speech. I now have a new view on government and politics because of these two. Yesterday night, Barack Obama accepted the nomination for democratic nominee of the 2008 election. It almost brought me to tears seriously. America has come along way, and still has a way to go but I think were getting there. I am with Obama not only because of the way that they address the common working folks of America, such as myself, but also the way both speak with such eloquence and understanding. Like Barack said in his speech, McCain “Just doesn’t get it”.

As a young citizen of the U.S., it’s appealing to me that the Obama’s are educated black people, who were not raised with a silver spoon. And know what is to struggle and what is to do well too. I love how Michelle Obama spoke about her husband working in the community and how he has compassion for the people. Michelle Obama has such class and elegance about her. She is definitely going to make a wonderful first lady. You simply can’t get any better!

I think that the JFK, MLK and all others who fought so that this day would come would be proud of Obama. Change is needed. If you don’t agree you might want to wake up from the dream world you’re living in.


  1. I was just looking at my 1 year old nephew thinking history is being made right now, and he's not even gonna know what's going on! This time will be one of those stories you tell your grandkids about memorable moments in your lifetime...