D/Will Showcase at The Dark Horse Tavern

D/Will Mini Concert
Dark Horse Tavern (Westport)
Kansas City, Missouri

D/Will is an awesome lyricist mixed with unique swagger period. Tonight, in Westport he put on a dynamic performance for a crowd of about forty, he clearly knows how to get any size crowd hype. Performing songs off of his upcoming album “The Battery Effect” soon to be released on August 16th, he brought to the crowd his ever-energetic performance backed by producer & DJ Beat Broker. The North Kansas City raised rapper gave a delightful preview of what you can expect on his latest release. You can catch D/Will and a host of other artists at the Crosstown Station downtown on August 16th @ 8pm for the album preview party. Download his latest mixtape "Heir of Abraham" for free!

Check out more of D/Will’s music at myspac.com/dwill4.

-Daysha Devine


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