School Dayz Nostalgia

I’m jealous. Okay, not really jealous but more reminiscent. August is here again and for many of all ages this means back to school. Don’t get me wrong post high school/college life is has been pretty good. I guess I’m in a bit of a nostalgic mood. The thrill of starting a school year always has been exciting to me. The month of August for the past 16 some years has always translated into “NEW”. New teachers, new people to meet, new friends, old ones to catch up with and new Clothes (This was one of my favorites!!!) The fresh smell of new box of crayons in elementary school sent chills through me.

Although I’ve moved on to the next stage in life, Marriage, Rent, Mortgage and I could go on and on, I look back at my high school days it wasn’t all that bad. But when I was in high school life seemed so dang tough. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have my own room, lights, water, rent and food to be paid for by someone else again. Ha, ha maybe I’ll be able to relive school days through my children some day. Until then my advice to those school bound, is enjoy it while you can.

But then again all those tests, tests, tests in school got on my last nerve. And that is one aspect that I do not miss.

Does anyone out there have similar feelings about school?
Let me know about it! Share!



  1. Ha! I know the feeling having been out of school since I was 16! Every year all of my friends were getting new clothes and making new friends while I was out working and living an adult life.

  2. girl i dont even want to revist high school lol

  3. School, hmmmm. It was kinda weird how we all had to line up against the wall and walk to the lunchroom in a single file line. It was weird having to ask to use the bathroom.