Sike Saturday

Last night, I got a chance to preview the new fall stuff from Sike Stlye’s clothing line Sikenomics. For those of you who aren’t familiar with who Sike Style’s is, he’s about the awesome-est graphic designer, clothing designer, and DJ that I’ve seen ever. I was first introduced to the clothing line at a store called Phenom and my fiancee’who knew of Sike’s work. I fell in love with the futuristic unique concepts, bright blues, pinks, purples and ornate designs immediately.

This weekend at Sike’s Fall Release Party, a cool shindig thrown to show off his new shirt designs. His theme for the fall line "The Future Ain’t What It" used to be was placed on shirts and throughout the psychedelic screen presentation he had running the entire time.

Walking in you immediately notice the four screens set up in the front of the room with the DJ, DJ Sku looping back and forth with animation’s, pictures of models in his T-shirts, some with the ever popular, "Tell em why you mad son" phrase on it and Hip Hop is not a crime.

DJ Sku & Tactic set the atmosphere for the small crowd, doing a eclectic mix of everything from eighties hits like Prince & Michael Jackson to Rhianna and even some Arrested Development.

I was definitely digging, the scene not to mention I spotted two of my favorite local writers Ms. Jenee’ Osterheldt and Ms. Pamela Spencer, even though I was too shy to introduce myself. I also purchased my first Sikenomics shirt, which I know will look hot with these new skinny jeans I just got from Old Navy this weekend (Yeah, they had a good sale).

At about midnight Egyptian Lover went on doing THE hottest mix of Afrika Bambaatta Planet Rock I’ve ever heard. Definitely got the crowd dancing, which even brought out some of the break dancers and pop lockers. The 80’s Electro Legend and Jamie Jupiter put on quite the show, even bustin’ out with a couple of dance moves them selves.

Definitely a great night.

You can check out this clothing line at www.sikestyle.com.


  1. Yep it was awesome!! I love great music...

  2. Daysha, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Welcome lady. I was just in Kansas City, MO last week, for an entire week, wish i had known about you...would have invited you out to lunch or dinner, but maybe next time. Like what you got going on here lady...best of luck to you.

  3. Thanks so much!!!Yes definitely next time you are in town drop me a line.....Thank you for the feed back

  4. That's sounds pretty cool. Afrika Bambata was the s***t. Planet Rock...there has been atleast 5 songs remade from the track alone! I like how now clothing departments are now incorporating dj's into the stores. They should through some strippers in there too! That would be hot! lol! j/k....kinda!

    Daysha, I figured out how to add other bloggers to my bloglist, you are now on my list!

  5. Thanks for coming out to the event.
    Next time say hello!