What Happened???

It seems TP has taken over. For those who don't know who TP is I'm talking about Tyler Perry. Don't get me wrong I love me some Tyler Perry Movies and Plays but I'm missing all the other black movie producers lately. It seems that when I was growing up there was an emence amount of black movies. I didn't get to see all of them at that time but later when I did I fell in love with the story lines of most of them.

Which brings me to my question that I posed to my fiance' the other day in one of our many random conversations. What the heck happened to all the black movie producers??? In the nineties and late eighties there was the Spike Lee movement with my favorite School Daze, Mo Better Blues, Malcom X and Do the Right Thing. Then there was the Kid and Play movement and the John Singleton movement with Boyz N the Hood & Poetic Justice even Baby Boy. I could go on and on, but I won't I'll assume you all get the point.

Lately it's just been the comic book turned movies that have taken over which I do enjoy, but what happened? Was that just a phase in the movie industry or do you think it's coming back? Maybe the high price of going to the movies has a bit to do with it?

What do you think? Should I put an APB out to all the classic movie makers to make a come back?

Daysha D's Top Ten Black Films

10. Uptown Saturday Night
9. Harlem Nights
8. Coming To America
7. Boyz N the Hood
6. The Mack
5. Dream Girls
4. Coming to America
3. Malcom X
2. The Color Purple
1. Purple Rain

Daysha D


  1. Nice roll of black films you have compiled. I have many but I think i'd have to place Malcolm X @ number 1.

    The Cotton Club was another pretty good movie.

  2. Hollywood is funny when it comes to Black People. They only allow one to shine at a time. You had Spike Lee from 1988 to about 1995..then John Singleton began to rise..Then you had a few rare years when there was a whole plethora of Black film-makers, then it all died down. Tyler Perry is the current flavor of the moment and you can best beleive that as I write this...Someone else is on the horizon, waiting for their momemt to shine...Only thing is...It's only going to be one.

  3. Put out the APB ASAP. I applaud Perry for his contributions and more recent films (i.e. Why Did I Get Married), but the depth of Lee's works are missing and the professional portrayals found in Love Jones and The Best Man are needed.

  4. Like with anything that starts as an original Black concept (jazz, minstrel shows, rock and roll), once enough White folks learn how to do it, they block us out and do it themselves. We've always had a strong underground movie industry for as long as there have been movies. You only hear about it when someone basically creates a niche in the genre like Spike, Singleton, and the Hudlin Bros. did in the 80's and 90's. When they get too big, or try to make a Malcolm X type movie, all of a sudden the money dries up (but they'll find it for Spielberg). There are a couple of successful women producers/directors out there now, but you don't hear much about them since their movies are usually considered "Indie" and/or are in limited release. Oh, and I might have to put "Tap" (Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis, Jr.) on the list.

  5. Love JOnes is definitely in my top 10 and I believe that was the first and last film the director did... I wonder where he is... the way he unraveled that story was amazing and I would love to see him take the lead in other black romantic comedies