A Fly Boi

Lloyd “A-1” Bentley stands out amongst his peers not only because of his abundance of tattoos and baby-faced looks, but because of his style. He has worked with members from the R&B group EVENT and J-White from Freelance Entertainment. A-1 has a sound that appeals to the younger audience with his titled tracks, “Fly Boi” and “Dunked Out”.

Like most, he went to college after high school, but after two years was led astray only to find his passion for rapping that he has had since freshman year of high school and drive to be a performing artist to became stronger. “I’ve always loved music, says A-1. It’s clear that he’s not your typical Midwest rapper, his versatile sing-songy flows change from track to track and will leave most listeners unsure of how to take the Kansas born MC.

“My focus right now is on improving day by day to become the best entertainer to make it and getting known world wide,” A-1 says. “The rap game was dead for a while, but it’s changing, opportunities are opening up.” Bring his style as not only a rapper, but a performing artist A-1 will prove his versatility to the world with his debut “Every Direction” slated to drop late summer on his own label Soupe’D Ent. In the mean time check out A-1’s music at myspace.com/a1darapper


  1. i agree with torrance stephen you entertain a lot of readers! keep it up