New Judge on the block

It’s true. I’m a judge show advocate now. Since that’s all that seems to be on daytime tv these days. I stumbled upon a new black woman judge this week with her own show. Judge Karen Mills-Francis. I watch Judge Hatchett and Divorce court with Mablean Ephriam and now with Lynn Toler. I love watching all of these beautiful black women on TV, giving their verdicts and keeping everyone from lying beauticians to feuding exes in line.

Judge Karen seems to have her own unique flair and ironically her tagline is, “She has a flair for justice”. With her short blond haircut, (that looks very sharp on her might I add) and burgundy robe she does stand out. I enjoy listening to all my favorite female judges, because they just keep it so real. They don’t mind telling you about yourself. Being that Judge Karen is from Miami-Dade County so you know she’s seen some stuff in her 13 years as a judge. She kind of reminds me of your favorite auntie that wouldn’t let you get away with anything, even if you tried to hide it.

Watching these honorable women on TV inspires even me. It’s still wonderful at my age to see strong black women progress.


  1. she was a judge here in the atl

    how have u been sister, u dont stop by no more - i do something

  2. Aww for real? I do to...I have just been slackin on my commenting...

  3. Hey how have you been?? Love the
    new way your blog looks and love the new photo of you too.

  4. Wow, a new judge, just shows you how long it's been since i've watched the telly...i will have to check her, used to love Hatchett and Maybeline.

  5. I've been fine. Thank's for the compliments on my new layout and everything! I appreciate it!I'm trying to be professional about it ....Good to see that all of you are doing well and blogging still :)

  6. She looks like a candle! LMAO!!!!
    That or she sings with Ricky Dillard!

    But I'm just tired of all these judge shows. Hell, I want a judge show soon. Can you imagine it? :)

  7. You are a mess Zack! You know black folk like to be colorful sometime. I'd watch your judge show too as long as your show doesn't conflict with judge lynn tyler or hatchett LOL