Simple Regret

Do you have any regrets? On life that is…
As I celebrated my birthday this past weekend and I went to see Tyler Perry’s latest movie (those of you who have seen it will understand why I used that movie as an example), I was prompted to reflect on my life thus far. What might I have done differently? Would I do anything differently?

The only thing I could think of was to have been more talkative and outgoing in my school years. Ok, basically all my life I have been a very timid person. Not shy, exactly but just not the kind to go up to anyone at a party and introduce myself type of young lady. However, I always attracted friends that were way more outgoing than I, almost the complete opposite.

In college, probably around second semester I started coming out of my shell. I was away from my parents with no siblings, cousins or anything to back me up and I had older guys hitting on me so I had to step up and learn how to be more aggressive and assertive.
Often times people thought something was wrong with me because I didn’t constantly run my mouth. I was labeled stuck up because of this, which wasn’t the case at all it’s just that it’s the way I am. I am an observation-ist.

I had never been shy when others started conversation with me though, and most get to know me they see I’m really a goofy, fun loving type of girl. I had always been teased about my weight and wearing glasses and the list goes on and on. I was so scared of what other thought about me for a while, if I stepped to them first in a social situation. Then again, not everyone that is your peer, is friendly.

Up to this point in my life my regrets are simple. I have not been as outgoing in school as others, in which I missed out in participating in something extra curricular activities and having some opportunities that might have been really fun and different. Now, I’m still not a loud mouth, but I will speak up more than back then. I’ve got some other regrets to share but that’s on the dating side and I will have to share those at a later time…. long stories ☺

Although the regret I have stated is small, I have learned to embrace my quietness. It is indeed a trait that has come in handy many times though.

I’ve discovered that taking reasonable chances in life, stepping outside of the box isn’t so bad now that I’m older.
Do or try something you’ve never done before that’s healthy for you of course. Do something that will give your life “added value”. Don’t be afraid of what your friends may think or others. Enjoy yourself; you may discover something new about you or about life.

Is it bad to look back and have regrets on life or should we embrace our mistakes and move on? What are your regrets? How can you reverse those regrets? Can you reverse regrets?


  1. I saw that movie and it was really good, but I know I have a few regrets...but ultimately, at the same time, those regrets have also made a stronger, and better person. It's also made me value life and to just enjoy every moment. I don't think I'd quite be the person I am without those regretful moments.

    Also, as I get older, I've learned to realize that regrets are moments "you" didn't want to happen in your life, but ultimately it's what "God" wanted to happen to you in your life. Regrets also mean that those are moments where your life didn't feel perfect to you...but life isn't perfect. We all have to suffer a little to get stronger. If Jesus had to suffer...surely we will too!

  2. Happy belated birthday...

    I try to live my life without regrets... knowing that everything happens for a reason and to just learn from a mistake I may have made...

  3. i cannot even belive, the way u write, that u were in a shell

  4. writing is how I best express myself but I am a fairly quiet person around people i don't know