Stars Are People To

Everyone knows by now that Kanye got arrested yesterday in Los Angeles, CA at LAX. This isn't the first account of the paparazzi annoying stars to the point where it results to violence. I understand the paparazzi's job is to get video and pictures and that's fine. But I just think they fail to realize that these are people like us. They have headaches sometime, they get upset, they have family problems....they're human beings.

I understand that the media loves Kanye and that this isn't the first time he's been in the public (i.e. The "Bush doesn't care about black folk" comment)and I say leave him alone. I'm not saying he was right for vandalizing someones property but,
he could have hit the guy, but instead he broke a $10,000 camera. My point is you never know what a person may be thinking or going through.Especially, stars since they have stresses like no other. Good luck Kanyeezy. I agree with my fellow blogger Zack, he's gonna need one good lawyer!But, if my other favorite rapper T.I. can get out of the mess he was in, Kanye will be just fine.


  1. i think they should act like common folk if they desire to be treated as such
    folks have to make a living, it is like they want fame but dont want what comes with it

  2. some people say that celebrities gave up their right to privacy as soon as they started to get fans, and media coverage. I don't know though, if kanye really was that stressed and he asked the guy to leave him alone, it kinda was up to the photographer to decide to actually leave him alone. since he didn't, it could be said that it photographer's fault for getting involved in smackdown 08. However, since they were in a public place, out in view of other people, Kanye had to realize that since this guy was scum, getting on his level would only make the situation worse. If it were me, I'd have had my bodyguards just physically block the guy's view of me until I was able to go somewhere far away. Violence, jail, destruction of property, no matter how you slice it, is never cool.

  3. That was an expensive camera he threw down! I was like NOOOOOOO! lol! Right after he did that performance on MTV awards too! But everyone has their "leave me the fuck alone" moments...his just got caught on TMZ!lo!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I've returned the favor to you on my blog. Come by and see.

    Kanye is his own person, so I guess we have to respect that. But you gotta admit that it's fun to read about him in the news. :)

  5. Your welcome for the shout out Zack! Charles David thanks for your continued support as well, I had quite a few "leave me the f alone moments" from time to time but I don't throw tantrums like him. Zack your right he does provide good entertainment :)

  6. I'm sure Kanye West will sort this one out!