Blame It On The Economy

So as stocks were falling and banks were disarray panic and all of the good stuff. Like everyone, I was praying that the economy and banking industry just had something to do with other folks and not me. Don’t ask why I thought I would be excluded. But wait let me back up a bit. The second week of August I was stoked to receive a call for an interview with on the leading companies in the financial industry that one of my friends works for.

After looking for a job in the field I got my degree in for over 3 months I was relieved and excited. I could get back on track with life. I went for the interview things were going well, passed the background check and everything and then here came the bad news.

I turn on the tv one morning and here is the breaking news about the banking industry “bail out” and stocks plummeting to record lows. Although not phased I went about my daily routine. Days had passed now and it was about the middle of September and I hadn’t heard from the recruiter at this company and wanted to know what’s the hold up? I should have a job by now right if all the pre-employment stuff went through ok, which is what I was told.

Wrong. I finally was able to get in touch with the recruiter again with weeks going by of staying in contact I wanted answers were they just jurking me around? Were they waiting on a manager’s approval, what? I wanted to know.

So I asked all of the above questions and it finally came out. “Well, I do know that they are waiting to see if they do well third and fourth quarter”. The recruiter said trying to sound ever so hopeful, when I spoke to her. My little hopes were crushed.

It didn’t dawn on me until she said something that by being a financial company they too might be having issues.

So I had to take a job in retail, which is something I haven’t done since high school.
Yeah, more about this job later. It’s tough times for us all. I know trouble don’t last always, but when is “trouble” going to leave?


  1. work wherer u can its hard out here
    maybe one day folks will se the am way and work for self

  2. economy suck! it affects my job seriously!

  3. damn you are not the only one, with this economy my mom who is a technical nurse had to take a part time job at kmart.....and she's still barely making it, you gotta do what you have to, I'm applying to retail myself just cuz I know that I will have a higher chance of getting hired due to the christmas season but it will probably be back to square one come the new year.

  4. Tough times, not only is the economy slowing - but energy and housing costs are still rather high.

    Everybody is being squeezed.