Randomness, Motivation and a Note To My Readers

So, lately I’ve been motivated. We all know motivation comes from several different places for all of us. T.I. said in his song “Motivation”, that haters were his motivation. Me, my motivation is life! I know I can do better and want a better life and my dream of writing for a living is my motivation. Also my family and others motivate me. If you’ve been following this blog even remotely, you will see that I often have so many ideas to write about that I don’t know what to do with myself.

I strive to keep this blog up best as possible with me juggling, wedding planning, and working two jobs. You all know that writing is my passion, but sometimes the daily grind can wear you down and you need a rest. There’s Daysha, the writer and Daysha the common worker (which I am going to start sharing my hilarious stories about my adventures as Daysha, the worker.)

I also want to get back to interviewing so you will see some new interviews on here soon of new artists, DJ’s and maybe some other creative writers and freelance artist such as myself. I continually want to thank my avid readers for hanging in there with me, and to my fairly new readers or first time readers come back and visit soon. You’ll find some interesting new posts.



  1. i feel like you with the whole so many ideas! thanks for stopping by.

  2. You're an excellent writer yourself. Looks like I have another blog to follow!

  3. excellent suggestion....I shall put you on my list.....be on the look out for an email so we can exchange info. THanks Torrance!

  4. I feel you! Sometimes it seems like there is not enough hours in the day to do what you "want" to do and doing what you "have" to do. But I believe if you can find that balance and try to do something everyday, that's another step closer to you getting to your ultimate goals!

    Some days you just want to be like... I'm tired! Geeze! lol!

  5. Stay motivated!

    This is a quality product. You shouldn't have any problem keeping your readers happy. But as long as you keep Daysha happy, I'm happy.

    Much luv!

  6. Thanks to all who commented! Much luv y'all!

  7. Motivation is always a good thing... I look forward to the new things your going to have for us