The World Is Falling Apart

Warning: Daysha is upset, so beware of venting in this post!

What is really going on here my people? First it was the sky-high gas prices, now it’s stocks and a presidential candidate war. It should not take $4 worth of fuel for me or anyone to go down the street and back! Now this whole presidential jazz, again. Politics as usual, with the he said, she said and the “No I didn’t say that” and Maverick this, Maverick that. OMG, if I hear that word one more time I’m gonna jump through the TV! The whole thing is silly, all the regular folk just want some relief from this whole mess.

And this bank crisis, is soooo messed up! This is really scary folks. People depend on money and banks period for their future and their families. Stock and Portfolios for peoples retirement, loans to go to school, to get houses, cars, and the list goes on and on. Then they want to turn around and make like it’s the American people fault for this whole thing, I THINK NOT.

This is sad and personally, I think most of us should just forget about getting jobs from other companies and depending on others for jobs for a paycheck and start building our own businesses (yes, easier said than done). But for those us, who are trying to hustle to find a job, it’s hard out here for a pimp! And that’s another story for another post…..

All I’m saying is something’s gotta change, y’all and I hope it’s soon before like Kanye said “It All Falls Down”!


  1. the writing has been on the walls folks just dont read and look at tv and go to movies too much

  2. Good post, Daysha! I agree with you 100% about the world falling apart.

    Starting a business seems like the ONLY option for people who need to survive. Always feel free to e-mail me with some business ideas you may have. I'll do the same for you. :)

  3. ok zack thanks.....I will have to do that

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