My Saturday Night Review

So I set out for club forty four hundred to kick it for the night. They had been advertising on myspace like crazy since they opened sometime this past summer. I had noticed they had a ad on my bulletin on myspace for “Jeans and Stilettos” night so I figured cool! A great excuse for me to buy a new pair of shoes and see if all the talk and ad’s live up to what they say.

As me and my fiancĂ©’, of whom I affectionately call “boo” set out on this Saturday night’s adventure across town to 39th and Main, it took us a minute to find the place. Having been to St. Louis for the Gateway classic weeks earlier, were we happened to run into the spot for the night “The Loft” because there were cars parked up the street almost 2 blocks away. But here that wasn’t the case, we ended up driving past forty four hundred about two times because we didn’t see any cars, and it was almost 11:30pm.

Anyways when we finally found the place, which greeted us with red velvet ropes and red carpet outside (very fancy, I like), we found a quaint upscale-ish spot. A small little bar upon entrance and a wide-open dance floor with a few tables back in the back and a red lit VIP area. The first thing you notice upon entering is the two white plush couches.

Only holds like 120 maybe, but it’s a nice little spot. The DJ for the night was the infamous DJ “Q”, who was doing his thang as always but the sound system in the place does leave much to be desired. With my finished watered down drink and the few folks who came out that night I decided it was time to go at about midnight.

I figure no need to waste our outfits and go home so we ventured on over to Noland Rd. to club Dallas and found like half of Kansas City! There were cars for days! Three hundred plus folk.Only there we weren’t greeted with red carpet and velvet rope but rather Independence Police Dept. officers and a Police Dog, LOL.

So our conclusion for the night ended well, we kicked it and saw everyone from old high school friends, cousins and club owners. Hey, I will be back to forty four hundred hopefully next time it won’t be one of their slow nights.

For all the KC folk……

Club Forty Four Hundred is located at 3945 Main Street

You can also hit up Wednesday night "open mic" poetry night.

See myspace.com/club4400 for more info


  1. I've been gone for far too long cause I don't know about any of the spots you just mentioned but I can recall walking into an ample amount of empty clubs lol.

  2. good for you two sound like u had a blast and what woman dont call they other boo lol

  3. Well written my friend... Well written...

  4. Thank you all....keep checking back for more of my querky(sp?) stories