Nara, Drinks and Mingling with Cool Peeps

I’m siked! Seriously, but to tell you why I have to start from the beginning….

So the great Sike Steezy creator of Sikenomics had a birthday party yesterday night and I decided even though I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, I would go anyways.

So I ventured to this restaurant bar Nara on 16th & Main St. here in Downtown KC. I was so reluctant to go by myself. I mean, I wasn’t even sure what the place looked like. Would there be so many people there that there was no sitting room? Would I look silly or stupid sitting by the bar or at table by my lonesome. Once again, I caught myself and said lets get dressed and just go. So I hyped myself up and said well I’ll go say “hi” to Sikes and stay for about 30 minutes, have something to drink and bounce (Remember, readers I am fairly shy when it comes to meeting folk).

So when I got there the scene was pretty cool. A sushi restaurant slash bar with a very oriental feel to it. I immediately found the birthday boy who was turning “Dirty Thirty” and said Happy B-Day. I stopped by the bar to get a Cosmo and sat down.

Then I felt a faint tap. It was my favorite writer/columnist, my inspiration, Jenee’ Osterheldt. She introduced herself and was like, “I’ve read your blog before, you’re a good writer”.

I was like “shut up”….. I paused for a minute in awe! For all who don’t know who Jenee’ is, she is the best columnist who writes for the Kansas City Star and her own Blog J Space,. Then I ended up hanging out the rest of the night with Jenee’s friend, Rae of whom Jenee’ had just wrote an article on a couple of week’s prior and I remembered reading.

After my Cosmo, great music and great conversation and meeting my favorite writer and other interesting cool peeps I was feelin’ like I had a great night.

When I was about to leave, I told Jenee’ by and she got a picture of me and her. I can’t wait for her to email it to me…..I’ll share with you guys.

Yeah, so BIG shout out to Mr. Sike’s…..great B-Day party!


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  1. daysha,

    you are so awesome and sweet. it was great to meet you too. keep writing.