Serious, Legendary Music from the KING

I’ve seen him twice in concert and still waiting on his next appearance in Kansas City. T.I. always gives 110% performance the time’s I’ve seen him in concert and to be honest I can’t get enough of the man who crowned him self “King of the South” and owns up to every bit of it.

He’ know for his swagger and unfortunately lately for his legal issues, issues concerning gun possession (Listen to track 3 on Paper Trail if you still don’t get why he had the guns in the first place), but as a T.I. fan I was excited to hear his latest release entitled Paper Trail.

On his sixth LP, T.I. give his short movie on wax of where he is in his life, what’s been going on with him lately and even getting some thoughts off his chest obviously on one of my favorite tracks, “What Up, What’s Haapinin;, addressing haters un-namingly.

Again, like other records his hard hitting southern beats may seem much reminiscent of his earlier songs like on I’m Serious and Trap Muzik as he worked with DJ Toomp again. Personally I love the thematic beats that scream out, “The King’s Back”!

I will admit I am in love with this new CD (It’s still in rotation in my CD player, which says a lot because lately I get board with a CD about the second time I hear it in a row), and can’t wait to hear more from him in the future. For those who don't believe this one is great....It went platinum like last month.....so check it out.


  1. I have to agree...this album is amazing and I'm really proud of him for coming back like that! How have you been doing? Hope your holding it down in KC ;-)

  2. I been doing good....yeah TI put it down on this one!!!

  3. I am not a big rap fan, but i get TI and love his music!

  4. He rips the last verse on that M.I.A. Swagger remix.

  5. for some reason he has never impressed me, so materialsitic and sings about nothing topically stimulating - gr8 piece though