All the Single Ladies!

Me and my fiancĂ©’ have been together for about 2 ½ years now and are getting married in about 6 months. I dated a lot of what I like to call “no goods” before me and fiancĂ©e began our lovely relationship. 98.9% of them were inconsitant and confused. And I can't stand inconsistency in a man. One day they call you and wanna go out and you all have a great time the next it’s not answering phone calls, not showing up when they say and so on and so forth.

But not to long ago, newly married Beyonce’ put out another hit single for her upcoming album “I am Sasha Fierce” (Love the title!!!) and that is my jam!

I know not everyone was serious that I dated and nor did I want them to be but my question for the week is “What’s up with all the old dates, acquaintances popping up out of the blue, like out of nowhere like years later after you haven’t had contact with them like your still supposed to be single, like the world paused for them and restarted right where you all left off? How RUDE!

So like Beyonce’ says, “If you liked it, you shoulda put a ring on it” (not like I would have accepted it from a loser) but get serious honey, good women are usually not available for long.


  1. women constern me at times, they want independence and thats cool with me, but at the same time they desire tradional relationships, why cant independent women put a ring on a man

  2. Kofi-----Are you saying how rude to rawdawg's comment or me????