Do you know what it means???

Rhianna was the first person I saw to have it. Then her beau, Chris Brown with two behind his ear, and then Usher with one on his hand.

So, I had to ask….”What’s up with the “star” tattoo?”

I personally think they are cute on the ladies (I want one myself), but the guys…mmmm not so much. But is this just a trend or am I just now seeing it us young folk. It seems like everyone is getting them like an iPod or laptop. I’ve had my belly button pierced (big, big mistake) and my ears, but no tattoos as of yet. But if I do get one it will be very meaningful.

So I asked a few young folks such as myself, they’re opinions after in one day I saw a grundgy looking, rock n’ roller type guy with one on the spot between his thumb and first finger like R&B superstar Usher, then another guy obviously gay guy, had one but with a more colorful outline, then a teenage girl had one on her wrist I saw.

I asked the girl with one on her wrist what it mean and I was told “it means destined for greatness” that’s why I got it. Two of my friends who don’t have the tattoo, but have seen them commented that it means you think you’re a “star” and popular, and the other said it means you’re gay. So, I said whatever???!!!!

Do these symbols just have personal meanings for the individual who gets them? Can it be whatever you make it? Or is it a trend?

What do you think?????


  1. I'm not a big tattoo person myself. But to each his or her own.

    I like your new profile pic!

  2. Rihanna is becoming quite the fashion icon.

  3. well, i happen to have tattoos. my mom says i have two, but i count them as individual pieces that work together. one tat is of a red robin with a green eye in flight, wings open on my right shoulder...symbolizes me and my name, Robin, and what that means to me. Before i even was aware about rihanna, i also got three stars and a taurus symbol on my left hipbone, not that far from my stomach. Each of the stars represents someone in my life, my mom, my dad and my aunt, all crowded around the taurus symbol (which is representative of me). It's a bit bigger than I thought, but I'm not complaining. I like the tattoos because they have meaning, not because they are popular. For me, I thought about them long and hard before i got them, and the irritating pain alone made me wonder (after my 1st one) if i'd do it again...but circumstances happened where I felt i needed to mark my family's impact on me. that's just my thoughts...i can go more into detail, but i'll save that for a blog. now looking at rihanna, i'm glad my stars aren't so obvious that i don't look like i'm following her 'trend'.

    Gorgeous pic by the way, you have some nice 'stems' (as my dad says)

  4. Kofi- yeah she is becoming quite the fashion icon....everyone started cutting their hair in that short "L" hair cut after she did....

    Ashley-Thank ya for the complement and the explaination. I like how your tat's have meaning! Alot of young ladies our age have em just cause...

  5. Hi Daysha,
    Well I have a treble clef on my left arm, I was supposed to get a bass clef on my right and a stave of music across my back but I had to slow it up. You get older and well it's a big undertaking and it's forever. Why was a belly button piercing a mistake? Did it get infected? Did you switch your ring out before it was time?

  6. oh the belly ring was a mistake because i did it kind of because a boy really liked it but the skin on the top ended up drying up and fell off so I didn't have a hole anymore cause I never really a big overlay of skin to begin with...anyways it left a scar.......

  7. I like the treble clef though I used to play the flute.....good idea for a tat......

  8. I have tattoos myself one is funny enough a "star" on my wrist I got it because I believe it my guiding star..when I feel sad I always put my left arm up to my face and I always have to look at that star which reminds me that I have to pick myself up and let me be my guiding star.

    My other is a tattoo of my grannie names and 3 star all different sizes ranging from the smallest to the biggest. The 3 stars there represent my Grannie as the biggest star, my mother as the second biggest, and me as the smallest. In my opinion the 3 guiding stars of my life period.

    So I agree to each person I think it all has a different meaning!