1988 is definitely a album that needs to get recognition!!!!

Rapper/Producer Craig Smith is one of my peeps that's really out here doing something and contributing to hip hop in not only KC, but internet wide as well.

With his latest release entitled "1988" he gives a closer feel and look into his personality and diversity as an artist and producer. I don’t think you can fake this kind of talent. With his tracks "Money Maker Mitch" advertising a product from the emphamous Hatin’ Tony and the track "Michael Jackson" mocking rappers and then saves the serious track “Rock Bottom” for last.

There are some diverse lyricist out there, but his style and diversity as an artist has progressed into something incredibleand is destined for greatness if he keeps it up. Bangin' tracks "Movin" to Juelz Santana's Clockwork track and the title track "1988", a track I've seen performed on BET Rap City in the booth Mr. Smith went hard on the track giving a brief explanation of what the CD's about.

"1988" promises to have something that everyone will like, love, or laugh to. I haven’t heard a album that is this funny, real, true or that I could relate to in a long while. Big ups Mr. Smith keep doing yo’ thang, I loved it. When’s the next album coming out?

"KC STAND UP" rating ====== A+

For more Craig Smith and to listen to or download "1988" and more visit : www.myspace.com/iamcraigsmith


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