First Post of '09

First off Happy New Years to everyone!!!

I don’t quite know where to start but the last couple of weeks have been interesting. I have been sick with either food poisoning or the stomach flu….I really couldn’t tell which one it was but yeah, not fun at all. I accepted a new job, finally started getting into the nitty gritty details of planning my wedding and also I had the best Christmas ever.

I haven’t really been blogging, no excuses there though. I guess what I’m saying is bear with me through these next couple of weeks as I rev my engine back up to do what I love best….write!

I am excited about 2009! I will be featured writer on a hip-hop music and news site...which I will reveal shortly. Thank you to all my readers and all the encouragement and feedback you continually give me. Later....



  1. Congrats on the hip-hop blog! Happy new year, and feel better...stomach flu sucks. I use to get it every year for about 3 years on my birthday when I was a kid... I didn't know what that was about!

  2. Man it does suck.....thanks for the congrats!!!