Marriage: Should NOT Be A New Years Resolution

I keep saying to myself…Wow, I’m getting married! I never really thought after a lot previous bad relationship and dating that I would A, get married ever and B, marry my crush from middle school/high school. I mean I’m not necessarily the most fashionable gal on the block, I have bad eye sight, I can be picky as hell and well lets face it, I’m not thick like a lot of men like. So had basically had given up and decided it would just be me, myself and my little yorkie puppy and I’d be happy. I thought I was a lost cause, but more on that later.

What brings me to this subject is, I saw a headline on either MSN or Yahoo, I can’t remember which, but it read New Years Resolution: “Get Married This Year”, and the blurb underneath that had something to do with find your soul mate this year. It stood out because #1, it sounded like a task on someone’s to-do list rather a hope of some sort and #2 the article seemed to be directed toward young women, were not talking about old maids here. So struck a nerve in me….

Even though some don’t think so, Marriage to me is serious, serious mater. It’s not like going grocery shopping or setting a goal to buy your first home. I think every little girl at some point in thinks about there dream wedding or getting married someday. But some young ladies I know see marriage as a destination and not a journey.

Please, please don’t get this twisted! Even when I wasn’t engaged and dating out there, it was still a thought of mine, but not foremost in my mind with every guy I dated, that I want to get married someday, let alone a goal. Ladies, being pushy and upfront like that can get you in some terrible trouble. Hec most guys my age run, even if you think the word marriage LOL.

I guess some young women are more driven to find “The One” out there and if you are just make sure he’s just that “THE ONE” and not just that one.


  1. Tell the truth girl! Marriage is serious business and btw Congratulations!

  2. i agree... marriage is not something that can be set like that... yes, i do want to get married too, and i know that i want to be in a position to be ready for that, definetely cant say "getting married this year"... lol. and it is funny as hell, a shame, but funny soulja boy and arab got robbed.

  3. congrats on the upcoming wedding, just dont be a bridezilla! but yes, marriage is serious, and people seem to act like it's just something to do...i know at least 8 ppl who got engaged over the holiday, but I am interested to see how many of them actually make it to the altar, as well as stay married for the long term.

  4. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! Im getting married this year too and its crazy that the resolution would be that. Weird...

    Now a days, many people dont even look for love, they just settle for what they get comfortable with and what the can get used to. Its sad.

    I feel like I am so lucky to have really found true love and it makes me the happiest I could ever be. Nothing could compare. Marriage would just be a serious union for us, nothing to just throw around like its just a task.

    Congratulations on getting married! Its a wonderful beautiful thing!

  5. Hey Daysha, Haven't been over here in a minute..Congradulations on your upcoming marriage..It is a beautiful thing if both people agree to work at it...You'll be just fine.

  6. Thank you all on the congrats! I still say no one knows what tommorow may bring but God....yes the prediction of when you will get married is hard to pin point. It it mostly definite a beautiful thing to be in love for real!

    Ms. Ashley--I have been told by many of my female cousins that if I turn into bridezilla they will disown me LOL I am really trying to watch it though because wedding planning is stressful :P