Rhianna & Chris

The whole world's talking about it so let me put me two sense in.....

First off, all I'm going to say is that no man should ever put their hands on a woman in anger! I saw the video of them supposedly back together. Now, I couldn't really distinguish if it was both of them or not getting off that plane, but I wish them the best. What he did to her face was horendous. Hopefully, she will heal up nicely but I would be thinking "What If He Does This To Me Again?". Please pray for both of them. Unless you know them personally, we the public may really never know the whole story unless it comes from them personally.


  1. no man is worth putting yourself in perpetual danger every day. next time her teeth will be gone and then maybe she'll reconsider. sad...

  2. stuff like this scares me...i feel so bad for rihanna.



  3. Hello Daysha, I am new ...well, I am visiting your site for the first time. I jumped over from Miz's blog. She told me to look around.

    I have so much to say on the Ri-Ri & Chris thang but it's not a popular opinion so I'll hold onto that until I get a chance to feel the folks out a little more. But wait ...Maybe I shouldn't have said it wasn't a popular opinion. I've learned that men and women think differently. Their opinions are for the most part, formed by their experinces in life. Many get entrenched in a position and can't or don't wish to hear the views of others. Sooooo, I'll just tip away and say hello *smile*

  4. Rihanna and chris Brown will probably have to allow their "love" to run its course before everything has been said and done.

    At least it's good knowing the domestic violence has been made public w/courtroom involvement- might even bring about a change.