Ok, I feel horrible for not keeping this blog up for the last.....what has is been.....like 4 months! A lot has happened since then and OH MY have I missed my blog and the responses I get.

Don't get me wrong though I had stopped writing for a fairly good reason. I was planning my own wedding, on a really tight budget. So basically I did a lot myself.
I don't regret it because everything turned out exactly how I wanted it because guess what????? I made just about everything all myself, with help of course from family.

I had been so busy these last couple of months!! I had no idea wedding planning is so much! Word to the wise ladies....if you are going to plan your own wedding be PREPARED and ask for help!

Whew! Now that I have that little story out of the way, now I am faced with another slight dilemma-I've been writing like crazy.

I know this doesn't sound like a problem, but it is..........

I've been writing so much now I don't know which direction to go in........

I love blogging! I really do! But another passion I have found is writing short stories, songs and poetry.

I think I might end up sharing these on here or creating another blog just for those kinds of prose.

What are your thoughts?


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  4. hey, i'd love to know more about the wedding planning. i dont picture you as a bridezilla, but you never know...it's always the nice ones. I say keep all the writing centrally located, so your followers can see it without having to click all over the place. (just be careful about biters!)

    I'm glad you're back though, I definitely was wondering if your departure was permanent (and hoping it wasn't)!