Some Monday's Are Monday-er

I had a professor in school once who told me once when I was late to class, I'm guessing it was a Monday, I don't know......But he said with a sly grin, in his Indian accent "Some Monday's are Monday-er, eh?" I never will forget that. He seemed to understand me and it was probably why he had a 2'o clock class instead of 8am.

Today was one of those days! After having to much fun this weekend and not enough rest I struggled to get my little behind out of bed this morning. While my alarm sounded to the tune of "PYT", I quickly shut if off in hopes that it was still maybe Sunday morning again instead of Monday morning.

Anyone who knows me knows me knows I am far far from a "morning person", which is why I now have a morning coffee habit, that goes all the way back to college and taking an 8am class (which is a whole other story). Anyways the morning seemed to go ever so slow and by the time lunch hit I was still sleepy and ready to go home.


I finally made it through the day! Got home and made some awesome chicken spaghetti, which was really good for my first attempt...... if I must say myself!

Sorry to be so short, but it looks like my sorry attempt to go to bed early has failed again.

Oh well.......

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