Don't Get Sucked Into Social Networking

Good Evening Bloggers/Readers,

Here's my random thought for the night.....

I ran into something that made me sooooo mad the other night. I was on facebook to check my page when on my opening wall I saw that my sister's ex of only 4 month had changed his relationship status to "in a relationship with" and the girls name. Not only had this man dated my sister for 4 years but he had her believing that they were going to get married after she graduated and then move together.

I was apauled. Dude really could have waited a bit longer to do such a thing. Facebook, Twitter and Myspace are great social networking sites, don't get me wrong but people have lost decency. Decency to keep foul thoughts to themselves and decency to be curtious to others. Many get on the internet and say alot of things they wouldn't ordinarily say to a persons face in real life.

When I was in high school a guy could be dating someone else but you might not ever find out who it was if the chick went to another school unless you saw them out together. Now, with these social networking sites it's made it easy than ever to find out who your ex is dating and you might not want to know these things.

Point is almost everyone life is on the net now, for good or for bad. It might pop up in your face unwantingly. Technology can be such a wonderful tool.....

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