A Case Of The Monday's

I dred mondays! Awaking to the alarm clock buzzing in my ear on Monday is just about like fingernails on a chalk board. Although my job is decent, I just hate punching the clock. The weekend is never long enoughI have aspirations of being a freelance writer but in the meantime I've had to find some coping mechanisms.

1) Make sure I am working toward my ultimate goal of being a sucessful writer
2) Get plenty of coffee!!!
3) Plan something special for Monday evening
4) Get your favorite candy or snack so you'll have something to look forward to for your mid-morning or afternoon snack
5) Prayer! When I wake up and through out the day I ask for strength and help getting through this. I really need it!

These five things help me out with the Monday blues.

What helps you out to get your week started off right?

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