Do Happy Marriages Exist?

I've been married for a year now and for some reason my husband and I keep getting asked the same question over and over. Do happy marriages still exist? Here just recently at a poetry reading the question was asked "does the constitute of marriage still exist?".

Well in my opinion the answer is yes. However sadly it is rare now days. People get married for several different reasons other than love. Almost all of the friends in our immediate circle of friends are coupled up except for my three girl friends. Now either guys are just not right for them or the guy isn't "ready for commitment yet". So for them I'm sure they have a different outlook than I do.

I can truly say I met my perfect match! Not sure how to explain it but Happy Marriages do still exist. Marriage isn't perfect! But being able to be with and love the person you love truly for the rest of you life is a beautiful thing. Now let's hope 9 years from now on my 10th anniversary I'll still be saying the same thing. I'm positive I will though.

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