Don't Waste Your Time

Daysha Writes topic for the day is "Things That Are Just a Waste of Time......

Here are my top five things that in my opinion are

"Just a Waste of Time"

1) Staying with guys who are just not that into you
2) Being a professional side chick----this is not cute nor beneficial to your health
3) Watching TV all the time-----being a couch potatoes sucks! Get up off your butt!
4) Social Networking-----yes I know I do it, everyone does but sitting on the computer for hours and hours watching people's status updates and looking at their pictures is stalker-ish
5) Staying at a job you hate----life is too short! Explore other options

I may have more to add but these where the random one's on my mind today.....

Let me know what you would add to the list!



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