Sista's 4 Life

How many ladies out there have a true "bestie" as Nicki Minaj would say? You know a friend you can do everything with, tell a secret to. I'm not talking about that chick that is invited to go clubbin or shoping sometimes but someone you are truly close to? I am proud to say I not only have a friend. I have a best friend! She's not only my friend but she's my sister. She's not my biological sister, but she is my sister.

We went to college together and have been through some really rough times that include break up's with boyfriends, moving and other stuff. I never really had many female friends throughout my life. Either they turned out to be faulty and I caught them talking behind my back or they just weren't who I thought they were.
Anyways y'all get the point by now.

But this post isn't about friendship....it's more about honesty.

You see females are catty! This much I do understand but my sister and I are real with each other, there's no faking and that's something I appreciate in any relationship regardless of feelings getting hurt or not. If we are going out and she asks me "Girl, how do I look" and she's really looking not so hot. I'm tell her and she does me the same way. We help each other to look our best and give each other honest advise.

I think anybody in your life who isn't....isn't a true friend. How many true friends do you have?

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