Steering Clear of Degrees of Separation

Since I got this blackberry I hardly ever get on facebook.com. But yesterday I made an exception. I jumped on and right to my surprise I saw a picture of my ex and a couple of his friends dressed up at someone's wedding. Now at first glance I thought it was my ex. Instantly my face turned red. But the more I dug a bit further, to my dismay I discovered that it had actually been my ex's bestfriends cousin that was married.

I thought that I had deleted or for the proper term "un-friended" everyone I didn't care to see what was going on in their lives or talk to ever again....i.e. Ex boyfriends but I guess I didn't delete friends of this friend so the wall post pic made it's way back to me anyway.

Even though I despise most of these individuals because of the way they treated me in the relationship or simply because there is no reason to be contact with each other it still can strike a nerve for some reason.

I dont have feelings for him anymore but why would I after he treated me like I was nothing and played with my emotions for nearly four years but he has a child now and that's something I long for with my husband since we lost our first child last year.

Jelousy is not something I want in my heart at all. Has this happened to anyone else? Have you ever ran into picture of someone on facebook and it struck a nerve? After you thought you deleted them

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