VH1 Please Spare Us

Ok,so I just realized that really I haven't watched a sitcom in awhile now. I am stuck on reality shows. It's like some sick addiction. I like seeing real people go through real life stuff. With that said I am not a fan of the "fake" reality tv shows, scripted, produced, directed whatever you wanna call it. I'm into the A & E channel and BRAVO heavily right now but that's another post.

What I'm on a rant about tonight is these dang on false fake, I'm lookin for love...lahh lahh lahh reality shows. This sunday NFL star Ochocinco other wise known as Chad Johnson's reality show premeired on VH1. Now since it was premeiring back to back with T.O's show I was thinking it was going to be along the same lines of The T.O. show which I rather enjoyed because it was about his life and not just about finding "the girl".

However to my dismay I turned to watch and the show to me seemed to have a very "For The Love of R.J.","Flavor of Love"feel to it. 16 girls, one house, eleminations, etc. you get the point. Haven't we seen this before VH1. Am I the only one who thinks this is getting a tad bit old! Geesh VH1 spares us!

P.S. Now that I'm done with my rant...I will be watching just to see him take his shirt off though LOL :)

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