Gossip Girl (The office version)- The Little Artsy Office Girl Episode 1

Once upon a time, the little artsy office girl was moved from the quiet end of the department where she shared a cube with another lady who was quiet just like her. This lady came to work, like the little artsy office girl, got her work done and left. That was her mentality. Go to work, maybe, just maybe, socialize a little on a good day, get her work done, eat lunch and go home. She loved it in this section of the office. It was peaceful. She liked to think of it as her own small piece of sanity. But then things changed....

She was soon moved down to the "louder" end of the office with the Gossip Girls. You see, since she liked to come to work and get straight to the point the Gossip Girls didn't like her. The little artsy office girl didn't fit in, but she didn't care.

Although the little artsy office girl was thought to be a snob, she really wasn't. She just perferred to, well let's say, mind her business.

But all of the other office Gossip Girls liked to tell their business and share the office Gossip. Although the little artsy office girl had her headphones on most of the time. She soon started to learn every little single detail of what was going on around the office and about everyone else.

To Be Continued...

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