Never Get Too Busy

Good Evening,

This summer has been good. I've been to amusement parks, shopping and even got to do some laying out by pool. Those were all great things but the most important thing I was able to do was to spend some time and reconnect with family and friends. Now that I'm married,working and trying to build my own business time isn't always so available for me. Not to menition our family members have schedules and things to do too.

This summer for the very first time in probably 18 years I got to hang out with my only female cousin I have that is my same age. Well, really we're 9 months apart, but same difference. We used to play together at family reunions and went to each others birthday parties but some how our parents lost touch with each other and then we lost touch. It was great to reconnect with her after so many years and pretty cool to find out we have so much in common.

We can get so caught up in life and the hustle and bustle that we can loose connection with family and friends. We shouldn't get so caught up that we forget about others. We have so many ways of saying a simple "hi" or "hey, just thinking about you" now days. So send a facebook message, text, send a card (I know it's old fashion but hey some of still enjoy cards).

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