The Week end Review

Chelsea Clinton’s Super Secured Wedding

After weeks of secrecy and build up former president Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton is set to get married to long time boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky. After all I know first hand that wedding planning can become a very overwhelming and stressful time for a couple and their family. Especially when you have nearly every important figure you or your dad has ever met is supposed to attend. Talk about pressure for the poor wedding planner! With this secret guest list and secret service, wonder who will really make an appearance to this shindig?

Kanye West on Twitter

After his rant he posted on his blog in 2009 about how he would never use twitter, the most controversial Mr. West is officially on Twitter. Let’s face people, we may try to resist this social networking but it’s like the love bug. You’re gonna get bit eventually!
What magical, rude or intriguing things will come out in his tweets?

Check him out: twitter.com/kanyewest

Ellen out, J-Lo in as American Idol Judge

Simon Cowell was the judge that we loved to hate. But since his departure along with Paula Abdul, the show won’t/hasn’t been the same. Sure, there’s still Randy Jackson but with out the original judges American Idol has seem to have lost it’s steam. Now comedian-talk show host Ellen DeGeneres' is leaving and sources say that
J-Lo is in and possibly even Jessica Simpson as a judge? I see a big cancellation stamp on this show coming soon. Does anyone really care about this show anymore?

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