Should Married People Only Hang With Other Married People

When I saw this topic on necolebitchie.com today about Lala Anthony, Carmelo's new wife and her hanging with her "besties", who are single Kelly Rolland and Ciara I laughed. I guess it's an age old topic.

I was out at an event at the college I graduated from with two of my single girlfriends and ran into some one I knew and they questioned, "Where's your husband"?

I automatically responded, he's back at home. Very strongly they replied,"You're married, you should be hanging out with other married people". I smiled polite brushing off the comment, laughed and walked off.

This wasn't the first time I had heard such a thing but it sounded so odd and so foreign to me. I mulled over the comment that had been made for a couple of minutes and went about my night.

But did his statement have any truth to it?

Me and my husband both have quite a few single friends. I mean hey, it's slim pickin's out here for some.But that doesn't mean that our friends "single" activities influence us.

Being married, to me, and being around our single friends doesn't influence me to do "single" things. Plus, in our situation if we only chose to hang around others who are married all the time or married couples in our close circle, we wouldn't have many choices.

Sure it is nice to interact with friends who are married and other married couples, because you can relate on a level single folks and those who have never been married cannot but don't single out your single buddies.

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