MY Trey Songz Experience This Weekend in KC

This weekend the OMG Tour was in town with Usher and guest Trey Songz and you know I had to go to that event! They had been announcing on the radio that Trey Songz would be doing a "Meet and Greet" at Nebraska Furniture Mart here in Kansas City, Kansas. I asked my cousin if she would come with me out to KCK to see him. I was too excited. I knew it was going to be crazy packed,but I figured I'd take a chance. I was hoping to just see his beautiful smile and maybe, just maybe take a pic with him.

Me and my cousin got to NBFM at about 11:30am Saturday Morning and we knew the signing didn't start til 2pm so we figured we were doing good getting there early. WRONG! There was already a pretty lengthy line already filled with anxious fans. To make a long story short, my cousin, myself and her friend waited in line until 3:40pm (4 hours) to see him.

Now mind you these were the stipulations they told us when we got in line by a NBFM associate: "He will only be signing the page from his Passion, Pain, and Pleasure CD that is the pic of him eating chinese food.You will be able to take pictures of him but not with him".

I was glad I had brought his latest cd with me and my favorite, his cd before that "Ready".

Long story short when he came out finally after waiting in line for 4 hours, these girls went CRAZY! Mind you we were in a furniture store (whoever thought of having it at NBFM needs to be slapped! This was the worst idea ever, there were shoppers everywhere, someone broke a desk because they stood up on top to try and take a picture and there were vases and breakable items everywhere with almost no crowd control).

Anyways when we got up to see Trey finally, they would not let my cousin or her friend though because they didn't have cd's to get signed???!!!!! This was no meet and greet, it was a CD signing! I got my book signed but he didn't even look up when I said thank you or anything! To say the least, I a bit angry. I don't know if dude was in a bad mood or what or did these specifications for this so called "meet and greet".

I was left with a real bitter taste in my mouth about him. He could have done better than that. Next time when you organize a "meet and greet", at least greet your fans!

Still love you though Trey! I've been a fan since the very first single!

(P.S. Trey Fans if you went to this event, let me know how your experience was)

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  1. Sounds like i actually had a better experience. I already knew ahead of time that he was only signing the PPP album cover because they said that on his website as well as on the radio. Plus one of the workers at NFM told us while we were standing in line and they even walked around with copies of the cd for people to purchase. Trey was already smiling when my friends and I finally got up there to see him and he even spoke! He was so gorgeous!!! Overall I was satisfied with my experience although I wish we would have been able to take a picture with him but I was able to get one of him while he was signing my album cover!