Hide Ya Kids,Hide Ya Wife...LOL....No One Is Safe In This Economy!!!!!!!

It was just a regular Ole' Wednesday. The cold chill of the winter air smacked up against my face at 7am, as I walked from the garage into the building and turned the corner to the cafeteria. I ordered my regular sausage, egg and cheese sandwich on Texas toast from the chef. Grabbed a grape jelly and I was on my way upstairs to my cube. As I approached the line to pay for this mornings breakfast, I overheard a conversation. I over heard the clerks conversation with the lady in front of me, "You know they're starting layoff's today, Dec. 1st."

The lady looked up at the clerk and replied "Well, if I don't see you anymore, it was nice knowing you". And kept strolling through. She wasn't fazed a bit, and I wasn't either. Sadly I saw this was coming, and like a ton of other Americans "Layoffs", is a common word used in news everyday.

Job Cuts, Layoffs, Temporary Set-Backs however you put it there will be some folks in KC seeking unemployment benefits . That same day as I completed my morning tasks I turned to hear loud banging and clanking from the VP's office that sounded as if someone was in a fight. Soon after a co-worker came over to verify what I already knew. They let one of the "big wig" directors go. Poof, just like that.

The economy debate has been going on for sometime now,especially dealings with big banks and other financial institutions but now that I and my co-worders are smack dab in the middle of this mess, ish just got "real".

It's real quiet around the office these days. And today I sat back closed my eyes and all I heard was the vent blowing air.

In the mean while, I'm not gonna sit back and watch this stuff unfold like a soap opera. I have a plan......

Morale of the story is.... no one has job security anymore. Rather you work at a huge corporation or not.

More to come soon...

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