NYE at the Sprint Center

Happy New Years to everyone! 2010 is out and 2011 is in. Doesn't Two Thousand Eleven sound weird to you too? It does to me! But anyways, I celebrated my New Years with my honey bun (my husband), at what I think was Kansas City's largest New Year's Eve celebration at the Sprint Center. It was a trending topic on Twitter (#Oceans11) and topic of discussion on Facebook. A crew that call themselves the "Oceans 11" had quite a shin dig yesterday into this morning. It was a "movie".

Kansas City's hottest Dj, DJ Q, and DJ Lights Out were the featured "soundtrack" players for the night. I must say that I was glad I had a drink before getting there because, number one it took for-ev-er to get a drink at the bar and then when I asked for the drink I wanted (Sex on the Beach, I love fruity drinks :) ) the bartender replied "We don't serve that". "Huh"? So it was on to the next one...

I had to take what drink I could get so I could at least have something in my cup to toast with at midnight, and I did so over looking the Power Light District Downtown amidst the red ambiance lighting. Beautiful!

I haven't had a great time like that in months!

It was also nice to see alot of familiar faces, friends and such I hadn't seen in a while. I don't think anyone in Kansas City has ever had an event of this proportion in quite a while. Special thanks to P.U.R.E Ent. and the others that helped make this event possible.

Hope to see more events like this for 2011!

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